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One of the most frequently asked questions I get from entrepreneurs and leaders is;

"How do I make sure my team does what I expect? Without me getting into details or doing it all by myself". 

In other words, how do I build a successful team that achieves the results I visualized and gives me time to focus on growth and the next step?

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"Getting coached by Romilde will pay off from day 1, for yourself and therefore also for your team(s)."

Coen Louwerse - CEO
"Your tips are hanging next to my screen ;)"

"I definitely did something with the tips from your training! I am working on the annual plans/goals for 2021. I notice that this is doing them good and that we are really starting to see coherence better in this. It also helps me to reflect daily on the goals for that day and to not let the 'delusion of the day' lead me. That is still sometimes difficult, but I have definitely got it right. Your tips hang next to my screen ;)"

Testimonial gratis training
Anonymous (private message)
"Enough input to get started right away too!"
"I am very happy with the input I have had. Confirmatory on some points and eye-openers on others. Enough input to get started right away, as well!"
Testimonial gratis training
Kim Koenen - Marketing manager ICN Solutions B.V.
"Very concrete training with good leadership tools"
"I attended the leadership training with Romilde. Very concrete training with good tools for (beginning) leadership. Romilde is a fine sparring partner and takes a very personal approach, allowing you to get straight to work. Definitely recommended!"
Testimonial gratis training
Maggy Schaap